Farnham & District Ramblers

South-west Surrey

Farnham Ramblers walks page

Welcome to the Farnham Ramblers Walks page. The website displays Walks directly from the National Ramblers database, ie: these Walks are publically available. Note that nationally the Farnham & District Ramblers Group is known on the national database as SR03.

You may wish to contact the walk leader if:

  • the walk is more than 20 miles from Farnham
  • weather may be bad, or unusual circumstances
  • you will be travelling by public transport

Changes to walks: Changes to walks (eg because of bad weather) will be advertised on our website. 

If in any doubt ALWAYS contact the leader.

Car sharing / lifts: If you need a lift please contact the walk leader. Don't forget a clean change of footwear and a bag for dirty boots. 

Car share costs: Passengers are expected to share travel costs (min 20p per mile divided by number of people in the car) plus any parking charges.

Refreshments: Unless stated, all walks require drinks and packed lunch for the day.

Dogs: Well-behaved dogs are welcome on our walks unless the walk description states otherwise. This may be necessary, for example at lambing time. Please put your dog on a lead if the walk leader requests it.

Non-members: You are welcome to walk with us 2-3 times after which we expect you to support the Ramblers by becoming a member.

Liability: Neither the Group nor the walk leader can accept responsibility for any loss or injury by persons taking part in the walks.

Footpath problems: Please notify our Footpaths Secretary of any obstructions or other issues, giving full details and grid reference.


1.  To reduce the number of cars used for longer Sunday rambles, it is suggested that members with cars, particularly leaders, call first at Farnham Central Car Park.  If you require transport, or can offer transport for Saturday or midweek walks, please contact the appropriate leader.  On Sundays, pubs can be busy at lunchtime, so please bring a snack, and time spent for the lunch break can then be limited to 45 minutes.  On Thursdays, if a pub is to be visited the leader should warn it in advance.

2.  Anyone joining a ramble or other event organised by the Group does so at their own risk.  Unlike many other groups, we allow dogs to join their owner on our walks.
This is however on the understanding that dogs will be kept on a lead in fields containing farm animals, and on roads.  Dogs must be kept under control at all times. Neither leaders, nor the Group nor the RA accept liability in the event of mishap or injury to persons, or of damage caused by dogs.  Please keep in single file when walking on busy roads.

3.  Walk leaders should:

a. Always appoint a back marker to ensure nobody strays.

b. Please report quickly to the Footpath Secretary any problems such as missing or defective fingerposts, problem stiles, lack of waymarks, and vegetation growth. Please use the on line report form on the Farnham Ramblers website, or phone the Footpath Secretary to send you a paper form to complete and return to report the problem.

c. "Ask everyone to make sure that the person behind is in sight when turning on to a new path, and say that, if anyone loses touch with the rest of the party they should return to the last turning point.  It is a general rule that the leader should be at the front of the party, however this does not prevent the leader from dropping back from time to time to speak to party
members or to encourage slower ones".

" It may sometimes be necessary for the leader to ask faster walkers to slow down.  Point out that in the end, the party cannot progress any faster than the pace of its slowest member.  On reaching the finish, check that everyone has been accounted for."   (Extract from the RA Navigation and Leadership Manual)