Farnham & District Ramblers

South-west Surrey

What a great year 2014 was for Farnham Ramblers Footpath Maintenance team, with a record number of stiles removed and kissing and wicket gates erected to make walkers lives easier, plus all the many tasks listed below you have completed. Thank you very much to everyone who assisted for their hard work this year and to our task leaders of David Ross, Alan Keeley, John Hemsley and Mary SJ who is also our main first aider and record keeper.

 March 2014 FP 36 Churt Task Leader John Hemsley

We removed old kissing gate, old wire fencing, rotted posts and hard vegetation clearing along whole path and erected new wicket gate with steps (We received a thank you letter on our home page)

 April 2014 FPs 402, 399, 410 & BW 389 Pirbright Task Leader Alan Keeley

We removed three stiles and erected a kissing gate and two wicket gates, repaired a sleeper bridge including new sleeper, erected three finger posts and five waymark posts, vegetation on many paths which included brush cutting and high hedge cutting.

 May 2014 FP 109 Devils Punch Bowl Thursley Task Leader David Ross and Alan Keeley

We repaired and existing boardwalk and built two more linking boardwalks, erected four new waymark posts and leaf and path clearing and vegetation clearing. ( This was a hard task as all tools had to be carted up and down steep countryside.

 June 2014 FPs 375, 376 & 380 Warnborough & Normandy Task Leader John Hemsley.

We replaced four stiles with wicket and kissing gates, repaired SleeperBridge, hard extensive vegetation clearing over all three paths working over wide area

 July 2014 FPs 1, 8 & 10 NW Farnham Task Leader John Plympton

We replaced three stiles with two kissing gates and one wicket gate, built steps at two locations, cleared and repaired farm gate in Runwick Lane so it could be used by walkers, erected two waymark posts and erected fingerpost.

 September 2014 FP 410 Pirbright Task Leader Alan Keeley

We built new 21 meter boardwalk, erected 7 waymark posts, fingerpost, and extensive vegetation clearing working over a wide area

 October 2014 FP 106 Thursley Task Leader Alan Keeley

We removed three stiles and erected three kissing gates, built steps, and cleared vegetation. We had weather problems on first day of task which was completed on to further visits.