Farnham & District Ramblers

South-west Surrey

We would like to welcome three new Footpath Wardens, Chris Gill, Tim Thackeray and Alan Buttery who have just been through their Surrey County Council training courses and they will be very welcome to fill gaps in our Footpath Warden coverage.
Our active footpath wardens have been busy reporting problems which greatly helped our Footpath maintenance task programme in 2016, a big thank you to them.
John Plympton, our Footpath Warden coordinator, is standing down at the AGM and in preparation is talking to our Footpath Wardens that we have not received reports from to see where new wardens are required. Please talk to us if you feel you can help. The training is only about two and a half hours and you will be of very great help if you volunteer and the task is rewarding as you will be helping to keep our footpath network in good shape. We shall of course be looking for a new Footpath Warden coordinator so again please talk to John if you feel you can support us in this way.